What’s the Best Time of Year to Cheat?

Is there a great time of the year to cheat? Depending on whether you have children or not, there are a few times of the year that are unbeatable. This guide helps to break down the best times of the year to cheat, on the basis of activities involved, potential of success and the possible excuses available.

Christmas Week!

The season of good cheer is ideal for cheating. For both men and women, the Christmas period presents an opportunity to cheat under the guise of looking for gifts, or the inability to travel as a result of the snow and crippled transportation system.

For men with children, the Christmas period is a great time to spend hours away from home in search of the perfect gifts for the family. During this week, men can travel to obscure locations to meet up with their partners and engage in their affairs. If you are considering cheating during this period, you should remember to buy the gifts to reduce the likelihood of suspicion.

For and women without children, the Christmas period is a great time to visit friends’ families and carry out last minute work. These excuses are appropriate and easy to use because they are believable, and would work well around this time of year. A snow-in can also be a great excuse to cheat during the Christmas period, with large amounts of snow falling at around this time of year.

The long Easter Weekend

Easter is celebrated towards the start of Fall, occurring no earlier than March 1st and no later than April 22nd. The weekend usually lasts from Thursday night to midnight on Tuesday. Most companies arrange workshops and other activities around this time.

This weekend is a great time to cheat on your spouse. If you are employed or own your own business, it could be a good time to use this excuse to cheat. The weekend is also appropriate for meetings with friends who you may have not heard from for a while.

For women, the long Easter weekend is an ideal time to cheat. Women with children would be able to leave them in the hands of their father, in the guise of meeting up with friends, visiting family or spending some quality time away from the family after helping them throughout the first two months. Women without children could use the long Easter weekend as a much-needed break to claim to visit their family members or friends.

For men, the long Easter weekend is a great opportunity to cheat in the guise of going on company trips or meet up with friends. For men with kids, traveling to your partner’s destination can be a great weekend activity for the family which will help cover up any cheating. For those without kids, last minute business trips are ideal around this time of year.

Winter wonders

With snow and cheer comes the opportunity to cheat on your spouse. Winter is one of the best times of the year to cheat. It features lots of free time, conveniently falling snow and plenty of reasons to be away from home.

Winter is a better time for women with children to cheat than most other times of the year. Since the children are on vacation,  they have it relatively easier in terms of flexibility. they will be distracted by vacation activities and, if they are not too young, could be left in the care of their siblings.

For women without children, winter is a great time to use the family as an excuse to cheat. If you do not have any children, you could cheat on the guise of visiting different friends and family members. It would also be appropriate to claim additional hours at work.

Men spend more of their time with family than during any other time of the year. It can be difficult to wiggle away from spending time with your children or extended family members. It may also be difficult to use work as an excuse during this time.

Men may use the increased number of activities to facilitate their cheating. You may keep your family occupied with events and enjoyable trips in order to distract them long enough to cheat. If you are lucky, their trip back could be delayed because of the harsh weather conditions.

Honorable mentions

The excessive summer heat might put off most people, but it provides a great excuse to cheat. For men and women with children, you can cheat by alluding to working nights during the summer period. The graveyard shift will provide perfect cover for cheating, with the cooler temperatures allowing you to enjoy a great time with your partner.

The summer period is also great for couples without children. During this season, you will be better able to convince your spouse of business trips and late nights at work. It will prove to be a great time to cheat in the evenings running late into the night, with such an enjoyable nighttime atmosphere

Final thought

The best time to cheat depends on the activities that you may need to engage in with your spouse. It could also depend on whether or not you have children, and how much effort you put into their daily routines.

For women, the best time of the year to cheat is when the children are enjoying their vacation. Without the hustle and bustle of getting them prepped for school and providing a homely environment in the evenings, they are free to satisfy their unfulfilled desires. For women without children, the best time of the year to cheat is during the busy but aesthetic fall period while their spouses are preoccupied with work.

Conversely, for men without children, the best time to cheat is during the peak holiday season. This winter period near Christmas features little work, a busy holiday schedule for the rest of the family, and a large number of festivities and events that could be used as a distraction to facilitate cheating. For men with children, the best time of year to cheat would be in the busy fall season, by using increased work as an excuse to stay out longer.