10 Common Ways Men Get Caught Cheating (And How to Avoid Them)

There could be varied reasons as to why men would cheat or would be tempted to cheat on their wives. This is never a good feeling for a woman who is on the receiving end of such behaviors. Unfortunately, men have proved not to be very smart when it comes to the cheating game. 

Most will leave behind pieces of evidence that will hammer the last nail on the coffin for their marriages. Past research on extramarital affairs has shown that men cheat more than women. In the social survey conducted, 20% of the men were found to have committed adultery while only 13% of the women had fallen victim to the vice.

Here are some common ways men get caught cheating:

1. When your wife finds a photo of another woman on your phone

In the social media age we live in currently, there is a persistent desire to take and share photos online. A cheating husband could take a selfie or photo of his mistress in the passion of things. As fate would have it, his wife could have gotten access to his phone while in the bathroom taking a shower.

You don’t want to know what happens next. If you must keep photos of your mistress, keep them in an unidentified file location your wife won’t get access to.

2. When you phone accidentally dials your wife when you are with your mistress

While Smartphones are good and have revolutionized the mobile phone industry, cheating husbands have landed themselves in trouble because of them.  Smartphones have a tendency to dial themselves when pressed against a surface.

It will be a war for you if your phone dials your wife’s number when you are passing time with your mistress. Have a screen lock password or pattern on your Smartphone to avoid such embarrassing incidences. 

3. When your wife receives bank alerts of transactions she is not aware of

Let’s say you own a joint bank account as husband and wife. You have always been tracking your expenditure as a couple from time to time. All hell breaks loose when as a husband you go buy gifts for your mistress and not your wife.

This turns out to be disastrous if your wife had subscribed to the bank’s phone alert service. When buying a gift or doing shopping for your mistress avoid making cashless purchases at all cost.

4. An email in your inbox from a strange woman

Emails from various subscriptions or random contacts pop into your email inbox daily. Whether using a phone or computer, it would be tarnishing to your image if your significant other was to find a love email from a strange woman.

As a man, you want to be careful when reading your emails in the presence of your wife. Alternatively, you could avoid chatting with your mistress via email. Resort to use of less exposing avenues such as private text messages.

5. An angry spurt of an estranged mistress to your wife on social media

Social media is more useful now than ever. People use it for various reasons. Owe unto you if your mistress gets to know your wife’s social media account. In the event you get at loggerheads, she won’t mind venting her anger on your wife. That is how as a man you get caught as a cheater.

Whether online or on the streets, you are better as a man, keeping your wife’s identity hidden from your mistress. This will save you much trouble in future if your mistress is to turn the tables against you.

6. A case of a dirty text message to your mistress finding its way to your wife’s inbox

Well, often times, we experience the pressure of chatting to different people at the same time. You want to keep at par with the flurry of texts ringing your phone. You could be merrily chatting with your mistress only to send one of your dirty little texts to your wife which gets you exposed on the go.

Avoid chatting with your wife and mistress at the same time. You could also have a separate phone for your philandering activities.

7. Autocomplete feature on the internet

Nowadays browsers have made it easier to surf the internet. With the autocomplete feature on your browser, email or Facebook page, searching has been made easier. Trouble could befall a man if his wife was to type the name of his cute co-worker on his email’s search box only to find a stream of flirtatious email thread between them.

As a man, you ought to be clever at covering your tracks. Make sure to delete every suspicious browsing activity or search that gives evidence of your cheating activities.   

8. Your wife could be using a spying software on you

Thanks to technology, suspicious spouses have found a more ingenious way of tracking their partners’ fishy activities. Just for less than a hundred dollars, your wife could get your cheating activities exposed with a Spypal installed on your laptop.

From your emails, screenshots, Facebook posts and even a microphone’s sound she could get wind of your cheating. Your best way out as a man would be to avoid the use of your PC in totality when communicating with your mistress just in case she has stalled one already without your knowledge.

9. The “sky album” could betray you

It’s no longer a tall order backing up your photos. With the Cloud technology, photos that you took as long as two years ago and deleted from your computer are still in your cloud storage.

If as a man you had gotten used to taking selfies with your mistress; you could brew trouble if your spouse was to stumble upon your selfies with another woman. Avoid getting busted by making inaccessible your mistress photo files through apps that hide some of your information.

10. The social media frenzy

Imagine as a man meeting this cute lady at a pub. One thing leads to another and just apart from sharing drinks, you end up kissing. In your drunken stupor, the lady decides to take a selfie of both of you kissing and post on social media.

If you were to like the photo, your wife’s snoop on your Facebook page could spell real trouble for you. Keep your philandering activities out of social media if you want to remain good at your game.