6 Common Ways Women Get Caught Cheating (and How to Avoid Them)

The general assumption is that it is men who get caught with their pants down but in this age women increasingly getting caught in compromising situations. Being cheated on can be one of the most heartbreaking experiences in one’ life; you have invested in the relationship financially and emotionally only to have your trust betrayed.

Men have come up with various ways to catch their girlfriends cheating. If you are a woman, who plans on having an affair, learning some of these ways will prevent you from getting caught in an uncompromising position.

1. Hiding her communication devices

One of the first ways to know that your girlfriend is cheating on you is when she takes her calls in private. If she is giggling whenever she is sending an SMS to someone else, then those are warning signs.

At this point, your girlfriend will become defensive whenever someone wants to view her phone content. Phone snooping when she is taking a shower is a sure way for a guy to know whether his been cheated on.

There are various snooping software that do not leave a trace on the target’s phone. You can install some of these and discretely read her messages, monitor phone calls and even find her location. However, you need to find the right time to install the software – like when she is in the shower.

2. Observe her body language

Before you even speak your body language will have expressed what you want to say. When you love someone, you try to make eye contact as much as possible. But, when someone is lying the last thing they want to do is stare you in the face.

A guy can know whether she is cheating by noticing her body language whenever he asks her questions about last night or a particular guy. If she becomes tense and tries to evade the questions then it could be she is hiding something.

3. Make the relationship public

Sometimes girls will cheat on two guys at the same time with the hope that one will be the one. One way of knowing that she is dating some else is to suggest to make your relationship public on various social media platforms.

If she is cheating, she will be hesitant about making the relationship public. Use social events and public gatherings to announce to the world that she is yours. Sooner or later someone will challenge your status and claim also to be her boyfriend.

4. Create a fake social media account

This will work if you are not friends with her on various social media platforms. You can create a fake profile and start monitoring who comments at her post. You can even go further and try to flirt with her; if it goes well then no she is no keeper.

5. Try ignoring her

If a girl is into you, she will want to spend every second with you. She wants to know where you are and what you are doing. If you ignore her for a while and realize that she is simply not interested in knowing where you are then she could be cheating.

Giving the relationship a break is the perfect opportunity for her to take her other relationship to another level. For you, it is time to call it quits and find some else.

6. She’s suddenly fashion conscious

Women love shopping but if all of a sudden she has started spending more time looking hot and not for you then she could be cheating. This will be the right time to follow her around – especially when she is dressed to kill.

How to avoid getting caught when cheating

Keeping separate emails

If you want to avoid getting caught the first thing you should be aware of is leaving evidence behind. You can never be sure who is snooping around. Emails tend to be very personal, and one way to avoid getting caught is to create a new email address solely for communication with your person you are cheating with.

Have some spam emails just in case someone accidentally gets hold of it. When your computer is on, have your regular email account open while logging off the secret account. The first place your partner will snoop around will be your regular email address, and they won’t find anything there.

Phone Passwords

Women can avoid getting caught through communication devices through using biometric passwords, not leaving your phone unattended and using synonymous names when saving secretive passwords. Ensure that you detect and delete any spyware that could have been installed on your phone.

Your partner may insist on knowing why you always keep your phone locked. In this case, come up with an excuse that you work with nosy workmates or you are afraid of your private photos being used for the wrong reasons.

If the phone lock does not work and your partner insists on knowing your phone lock purchase a prepaid cell phone. This comes cheaply and offer the convenience of disposal the moment you are done with the affair.

Clear browsing history

Whenever you decide to communicate with the cheating partner ensure that you have cleared any browsing history of your communications. If you interact with the other person on dating sites, ensure that your browser does not save passwords to the site.

For your separate email address choose to memorize the password and any log in details. Some browsers provide you with a private browsing mode; in this case, none of your browsing histories is recorded by the computer.

Pay in cash

Avoid using your credit card when booking hotel rooms and flights. Credit card companies often send monthly statements of transactions, and you can get caught. Pay for your discrete activities in cash – it leaves no trail; remember not to carry any evidence from your escapades like ticket number or unused condoms.

Final thoughts

Women will often get caught cheating mostly when they leave traces of evidence of the affair on their phones or unused condoms or flight and hotel tickets in their handbags. To avoid getting caught act normal while keeping your indiscretion secret.