Top 6 Excuses to Get out of the House to Cheat

At least 25% of married men have admitted to cheating on their spouse some time during their marriage. Cheating is also common for women, with up to 20% of married women having cheated on their husbands at least once. How do this many married people pull it off?

To avoid getting caught cheating, you should develop a foolproof system. You should avoid leaving any proof of your infidelity and cover your tracks with a solid alibi. Making a believable excuse is central to cheating without being caught.

These are some of the best excuses to get out of the house to cheat.

Staying late at work

The most common excuse to use when cheating involves lying about an extended period of work. It will buy a few hours within which you can engage in your affair with minimal suspicion. This excuse is more popular among men than women, but works well for people who cover their tracks.

Before using this excuse, you need to make sure that at least one co-worker can account for your presence at the office beyond regular hours. This way, even if your partner decides to look into the matter, you will not raise any suspicion over your activities.

The unexpected work trip

If you are looking to spend some time with your hot fling, you could claim an unexpected work trip to buy yourself a few days away from home. This excuse is great for people with a history of traveling for work to new destinations. It can be a great way to spend a short vacation with your new partner.

If you are planning to use this excuse, remember to counter check all destinations and times in order to develop a great alibi. You could even throw in a gift from your alleged destination to help convince your spouse that you went to the specific destination.

The boys’ or girls’ night out

You can use your friends as an excuse to help you cheat! Claiming that you will spend the night enjoying the company of your friends will help you get out of the house quicker than most of the excuses on this list. It is easy to counter check as well, since it only requires that you inform the specific friends to cover you in the event your spouse follows up on it.

If you want to make this excuse more effective, you should not use it too often. It could attract suspicion when used regularly, as well as prove difficult for your friends to cover you consistently. if your friends have mutual friends with your spouse, your lie could be revealed quickly.

The sleepover

Friends help to develop some of the best excuses to get out of the house when cheating. You could claim that you are spending a night sleeping over at a friend’s place to convince your spouse. This should buy you at least a night with your new partner.

For best results, you should try to find friends that are not mutual. You should consider using your closest friends or those who know about the affair, and keep on maintaining a small circle. This way, your spouse will never be suspicious of any infidelity when you use this excuse.

Hitting the gym

A newfound appreciation for fitness could help you spend time with your new partner without increasing your spouse’s level of suspicion over a potential affair. Visits to the gym have been used regularly and successfully as an excuse to get out of the house when cheating.

In order to make it more believable, you may need to research gym memberships around your preferred location and sign up for some length of time. You can visit the gym with your spouse to make your excuse even more believable in future.

Remember to pack your gym bag when leaving to increase the effectiveness of this excuse. If you shower after engaging in the affair, which can be ideal to take off any perfume that may linger and give you away, you may claim that you took a shower at the gym.

Blowing off steam

If you are looking for an unusual but effective way to get out of the house to cheat, you could start a heated exchange at home. When the argument reaches heightened levels, you may then opt to head out to blow off steam. It can be a great way to buy yourself a night or two without raising any suspicions over cheating.

This excuse will help you keep your affair on a need-to-know basis even with your friends. It will reduce the amount of information available to your circle, which further reduces any risk of exposure. An added benefit is that your spouse will be too worried about your reaction to consider the possibility that you are having an affair.

Unlike other excuses on this list, it does not require any additional corroboration. It allows you to cheat without worrying about the possible fallout in case one of your co-workers or friends fails to back up your laid out plans. You may need to use it sparingly because your spouse could become suspicious over the increased number of arguments and walkouts.

Final thought

For these excuses to be successful each time, you should make sure to cover all your tracks. Any persons used as part of the excuse should be able to corroborate your presence in order to make it believable. You should also remember to deliver your excuse confidently to avoid any possible suspicion.

These excuses will not work effectively if you are portraying signs of cheating, with your spouse being able to see right through them. Do not keep your phone off-limits or spend lengthy amounts of time talking privately. Keep your expenses to a minimum, and avoid paying for any activities or items with your credit card especially in places where you have not shopped before.

Keeping your track clean will help reduce any doubts, which will increase the effectiveness of your excuse.