Having Sex with Married Women: What You Should Know First

She has probably been checking you out in the office or while doing your shopping in the grocery store. She is good looking with a great personality. You probably have been fantasizing of how great the sex will be – but here is the problem.

She’s married.

The male species has over the centuries being associated with predatory instincts. For some men, married women are a no-go zone. The stigma, post-sex guilt and danger associated with sleeping with a married woman will keep most men from the pursuit.

However, if the woman has not had sex for a long time and is going through a dry spell, she will give you an opportunity to experience the best sex of your life. Most of these sexual escapades do not last long, and soon she will go back to her husband – that is if he doesn’t catch you mowing his lawn.

If you are at a crossroads whether to give that married woman a call or ask her to meet you in a certain hotel room, you may want to weigh the pros and cons first.

The benefits of sleeping with a married woman

Having her sexual needs met is a core need of any married woman in a marriage. Sex makes her feel appreciated and valued. If she has not had sex for a long time, her sexual frustration can be very high. She may not be getting any at home due to several reasons like husband illness, work-related fatigue, or her husband travels a lot.

These type of married woman will engage in an extra-marital affair regardless of whether you join in or refuse. She is wild in bed, and she is willing to get kinky in bed with you. Such women will offer you crazy sex that will leave you begging for more.

She is also adventurous, so be prepared to engage in various sex positions. Expect the sexual affair to be a one night stand or spill over to several weeks before she goes back to her husband.

How to keep the flames glowing

When you are engaged in a sexual encounter with a sexually starved married woman it is imperative that you do not cross the line and become emotionally involved – this is especially the case for young single men who may form an emotional attachment. You have to realize that she still loves her husband and only wants to have some great sex with you for a short time.

How not to get caught

Discretion is the key when having affairs.

  • Do not call or text when you know her husband is around or might be snooping on her phone.
  • If you have to do it avoid spending the night at her home – you never know when the husband will make an unexpected return.
  • Lastly, use protection – she may be the most good looking girl you have ever laid eyes on, but you can never be sure what she is carrying.

Handling guilt and going ahead with it

Guilt is a natural thinking process that tells us we are doing something wrong. If you are contemplating sleeping with a married woman you have to learn how to handle the guilt.

The first part is to imagine the kind of sexual pleasure that you will experience sleeping with a sexually starved woman. Think of how amazing the sex will be and the multiple positions you can try out.  A married woman will teach you some cool stuff in bed due to her experience.

Secondly, realize that if she will still get down with someone else – if not you. She is on a prowl – like a hunting lioness and is determined to find a man to sleep with. She will use you for a while and end the relationship. As long as the husband does not find out everything will go back to normal.

Thirdly, if their marriage is on the rocks, the husband could also be having multiple discreet affairs. If this is the case, your guilt is lessened because you are engaging in the same thing as the husband.

Avoid this kind of married women

The angry married woman. The couple could be going through a rough time, and she is only sleeping with you to get back at her husband. The danger with this kind of woman is that she may reveal the details of the affair to her husband in an attempt to exert revenge for something he did.

You may find yourself in between battles that you should not be in with this kind of woman. Since she does not care about you, she can – in between conversations with her husband – mention your name. You do not want a jilted husband coming after you.

The downside to having an affair with a married woman

First, is the risk of being caught. If the husband is a licensed gun carrier or violent and he finds out things can become messy. It would be wise to go into hiding during this time; the husband can embarrass you before colleagues and friends. But, that is if he finds out.

Secondly, divorce and separation can be messy – especially when kids are involved. If the husband was faithful and religious, he might opt to keep his sanctity by divorcing the cheating spouse. You may get caught up in the middle of this, and it can create a huge burden of guilt.

However, if the woman was only interested with blowing off some steam after a dry spell, she will be discrete about the affair while offering some fantastic sex. She will soon be done with you and end the affair politely. This is often the most likely scenario.

Final thoughts

Having an affair with a married woman can provide you with the opportunity to have the best sex of your life. But, before you start flirting with that married woman next door, it is crucial that you weigh the pros above and cons. If she is really hot and the husband is away for a business trip you may as well give it a try.