How to Convince a Woman to Cheat

Are you in a loving relationship? Do you love your partner? More importantly, does your partner love you?

If the answer is yes, then you are lucky! Not everyone in a relationship is so lucky. Some many husbands-wives or girlfriends-boyfriends are unsatisfied in their relationship.

Many times, this dissatisfaction leads to one or both partners cheating. There can be many reasons why people cheat, but unhappiness is probably the most common one.

The chances are that you have been exposed to cheating in some way or the other! Either through someone you know or through personal experience! It does not matter where you are from or how rich or poor you are!

Cheating is a part of life. Sometimes cheating is very clear cut while sometimes it is vague because of the thin line between harmless fun and cheating. If you are someone who is looking to convince your new attraction to cheat on her partner, you need to understand:

  1. Why do women cheat?
  2. How do they prefer to cheat?
  3. When is it ok for women to cheat?

Once you get these three questions answered, it would be a cakewalk to convince your recent crush to cheat on their spouse. Let’s probe further and master the art of convincing.

Why Women Cheat

Women from different backgrounds have their unique understanding and perception of what cheating is! The important thing is that you and your partner should be on the same page.

Both of you should believe and share the same values. Most women who engage in infidelity understand at some level that it is wrong or harmful. They know that it can potentially end their relationship and cause a lot of emotional and physical pain. They may continue. The main reasons why women cheat are:

  • Low Self-Esteem: women with low self-esteem seek some kind of validation through romantic or sexual acts. They feel desirable and needed. the reason for low self-esteem can be depression, childhood trauma, or indifference from a spouse.
  • Revenge: if a woman catches her partner cheating, then she may feel betrayed. Infidelity, on her part, then is more like revenge. Women who do this don’t generally try to keep it a secret. They want to inflict pain on their partner.
  • Loneliness: even in a long-term relationship, it is possible to feel lonely. The neglect can make a woman feel like a nanny, maid, or just a wife. To fill an emotional void, a woman can take this step.
  • Lack of sex: women also enjoy a good sex life as much as men do! It makes them feel desired and loved, as well. If in any relationship, it is the woman who is more sexual, then it can be a bit problematic. They may cheat to fulfill this need.
  • Lack of Intimacy: sex is one thing, and intimacy is another. A woman may be getting enough sex but without any intimacy. Women need an emotional connection to feel genuinely valued. Talking and cuddling are a big part of this. If this is missing, then they may look for it someplace else.
  • High Expectations: many women have unrealistic expectations of their partners. They want a lot of things from them. They feel that they deserve all this, even without having to express it. This can put a lot of pressure on the relationship, and both parties may feel dissatisfied.
  • Addiction: like many other addictions, sex addiction is also a problem. Some women just cannot help themselves and carry out one affair after another. They don’t have any control over their urges. It could be due to reasons like childhood abuse, depression, low self-esteem, etc.
  • Want To End A Relationship: many women are unsure of ending their relationship unless they have another lined up. Sometimes they may cheat just to force their partner to take this step. They may lack the courage to address the problem directly or assertively.

We can neither ignore nor deny the fact that cheating can cause a lot of pain to everyone concerned. It is always better for a person, be it a man or woman, to be open about feelings.

However, there are so many examples of people cheating even without having any intentions to do so! A moment of infidelity can also completely change your life, many times for worse and sometimes, surprisingly for good!

How to Cheat

Through years of social conditioning, our first instinct is to stop somehow cheating. If a friend comes to you with a problem like this, your advice would be to stop! We all know that cheating brings its own set of challenges, both emotional and physical. If you are contemplating taking this step, you know how difficult it is! We don’t want to judge you, but we can help you with a few tips!

Separate E-mail Address

Create a new mail id and use it exclusively to connect with the person you are cheating with. Don’t keep logged into this mail and remember to log out every time after you send a message.

Browser History

After doing any kind of search which could lead to the affair, clear your browsing history. Don’t remove the complete history as it can be suspicious. Be very thorough.

Save The Number With A Safe Name

Use a variation of one of your friend’s name or use a name which will not arouse suspicion. It is better if the name is of a girl or woman!

Logging Out

It is important to always log out of all the devices that you use. It can be a problem if you are chatting on your mobile, and your iPad keeps getting the notifications.

Single Medium Of Communication

It is easier to keep track of only one device. Try to connect on only one device and in only one way. It could be either texting or emailing. The more the apps and mediums, the more evidence floating around!

No Sentimentality

Don’t get too sentimental about messages or photos and try to save them forever. Keep deleting all unnecessary messages and any information which can land you into a big problem.

Don’t Tell Everyone

Either tell no one or just a couple of trusted and close friends! It is better to keep the circle of people who know about your affair small and tight. The more people who know, the more

difficult it is to keep it quiet.

Simple Excuses

Don’t go for a complicated story or excuse. It is a recipe for disaster. Keep the story simple and lie as less as possible. This will help you to remember the details without seeming vague.

Act Normal

Try to act as normal as possible. If your partner raises suspicions, don’t try to evade or get angry. Laugh and make light of it. Sit down to discuss with an open mind. By listening carefully, you will come to know where you are making the mistakes. Next time onwards, avoid the things which can raise suspicion of your partner.

Women Can Cheat: When Is It Ok?

Like we said earlier, it is not alright to cheat, but there are sometimes it can result in something good. If you or a dear loved one close to you is contemplating cheating, then we are sure that it is weighing on your mind and conscience!

Unfortunately, anyone who takes this step will have to undergo specific difficulties, but there are some circumstances when the risk and pain are worth it!

  • If a woman is with a partner who is a serial cheater but does not have the courage or confidence to face him. At such a time, if anyone shows interest, the woman may be tempted to cheat. It may lead to better things in life. An affair can like this can bring the confidence back and make her realize what she is missing in life.
  • If a woman is in a long-distance relationship, it is always tough. Women love and want a connection. Too much time apart can make a woman feel that she does not love her partner. If a woman cheats in a long-distance relationship, then it can do either of the two things. One is that she will realize that she still loves and values her partner or, two, she feels no guilt. This will give her the clarity to decide to move on or continue with her relationship.
  • Even if a woman is in a stable relationship with a man, it does not guarantee happiness. Generally, with age and after many years in a relationship, the partners settle down into happy contentment. However, if a woman feels that the spark or excitement is missing or her partner has changed a lot and has become indifferent, then she may try to find this excitement somewhere else. It may be just enough to bring some cheer without rocking the boat.

There could be other reasons why you can allow a woman to cheat in a relationship. Cheating is a personal thing, and judging it in simple, right or wrong way is not correct! Cheating is not only a part of modern relationships. It has been there since men and women started to have relationships.

We are not trying to say that cheating is perfectly alright or encouraging people to cheat their partners. That is not to be admired! However, there are some rare situations when cheating can do some good for a woman! It can help her regain her confidence and give her a lot of clarity about her life and choices. If you make an effort to understand what a woman is going through, maybe you will convince her to cheat!