How to Have a Business Trip Affair

One must admit that the idea of a business trip is a thorny subject in many marriages around the world. Business trips provide the best cover for engaging in an extramarital affair. Men and women use this business trips to cheat on their spouses, when far away from prying eyes of their suspecting significant other. So, what tactics are in play here?

Plan fictitious trips

Most people who are guilty of infidelity have no qualms using a business trip to facilitate and camouflage their extramarital affair. They can invent fake business trips and travel alongside their lovers to a place far away from where nobody can notice them. This is the widely used tactic in cheating.

They could take some time off work on the pretext of going for a business trip. This will shrug off any doubts from their spouses. This would be the perfect time to spend quality time with your mistress without ever looking over their shoulders for any prying eyes in the hotel lobby.

They also go as far as Instructing their workmates to provide the perfect alibi they could use to make their trip a success. So whenever their spouses get suspicious of anything, their work buddies will rule them out and get them back in line.

Insist on traveling alone

Your man doesn’t want you to drop him off at the airport or the train station, what could he be hiding from you? Your best bet is that he may be travelling alongside someone else whom he doesn’t want you to see, probably his mistress. He wants complete discretion on his business travels.

This provides the perfect opportunity for you and your mistress to meet at a given travel venue and board together as opposed to traveling separately then meeting at the destination. This way, no one will ever know that you traveled with someone on your business trip.

Plan the trip when the time is right

Most cheating spouses would feel single when they are away from home. There is always the urge to try something new in their relationship. Right now the sky is the limit for him. They would find it easy to meet women and stay in their hotel room for days without their spouses ever knowing what went down.

There is also the need of getting away from a boring relationship doing the same things for years. The right thing to do is to plan a trip and go experience something different in your boring relationship. Meet new people in your business trip that can provide the spark in your new relationship.

Spend a few more days

If a business trip was supposed to last maybe a week, cheating spouses would spend an extra week giving themselves more time to indulge in an affair. If their business trips are taking longer than usual, there is a big reason for their spouses to worry. Probably your husband or wife could be enjoying their time away from home.

Most likely the extra days are worth it for them. You would have an extended period in having a good time with your hook up at a discreet location away from home. Make your business trip memorable.

Celebrate an achievement

Maybe a guy just bagged the biggest contract of his life, he would want to celebrate in style somewhere far. As the adrenaline kicks in an idea of a business trip comes in. This provides an easy way out and a perfect camouflage to go and celebrate with friends and maybe engage in extramarital affairs with mistresses on the invitation list.

The celebration parties might go down in ways that cannot be tolerated at home with their spouses and kids. So, a business trip comes in handy at this point. This can offer the perfect opportunity to engage in extramarital affairs.

Have a home far away from home

Plan a trip to a town where your mistress resides and spend the night in your love nest and not in hotels and lodgings. Travel frequently to a city where your mistress resides and let people assume you are on a business trip while residing in her home.

This tactic is widely used by cheating husbands and wives to get away from their partners without arousing any suspicions from them. Now that you have two homes, it means you can get away anytime from your better half without any worries about hotel bookings.

Hide records such as phone calls and hotel receipts

A good cheater is intelligent enough not to leave a trace of their affairs. Women especially are good at this. Anything that may lead to a trace of their cheating is automatically discarded. Phone records are deleted to destroy any evidence of an affair.

Which hotel she stayed during the trip will be classified information for fear that one partner might actually call the hotel to inquire more on the visit. So erasing such records must be your top priority lest you get caught in your own game.

In most relationships, suspicious partners would go for phone records to prove their suspicion whether he or she met someone new during the business trip or if anything worth suspecting happened. So before you get home, ditch phone records and destroy all the evidence that links you to an affair.

It’s time to ditch that phone

As technology grows, more and more phone tracking apps are being designed as I write this sentence. Most investigators use phones primarily to track down individuals. A spouse suspicious of the other might employ such tactics to net their partners red-handed in the act.

Phone tracking provides the location. So, your spouse might decide this is the day to track you down right into your hideout and bust you with your pants down. The good thing is that you can ditch your phone by pretending to have forgotten it at home while you were packing your stuff.

This will deter your partner from tracking you down and knowing your little secret in this era where relationships have gone high tech. Get rid of any tech gear that can be tracked by the numerous tracking apps we have on online stores.

Bottom line

Getting away with cheating on a business trip is easy if you know how to play your cards well. Most suspecting spouses will never of your escapades with such tips.