How to Have an Affair with a Coworker Without Getting Caught

Are you interested in having a secret office fling? While it could be very rewarding for yourself and your co-worker, it could also damage your reputation within the workplace if you are caught. In some institutions, workplace relationships are considered taboo and may cost you your job.

You can have an affair with a co-worker without getting caught, which could jeopardize your relationship and employment status. These tips will help you reduce the risk of getting caught having an affair with a co-worker.

Keep it professional during working hours

Spending time with your co-worker at your place of work may attract suspicion over the nature of your relationships. Most secret office romances are exposed due to suspicion arising out of the nature of interaction during working hours. In order to avoid this, you need to keep a professional working relationship.

You can still find some time within regular working hours to develop your affair. You do not need to keep it strictly professional over lunch hour if you can find a private place to share this time. To keep this risk at a minimum, you may need to cover your tracks by spending time with other employees as well.

Keep it private

No matter how close you are with your workmates, they will most likely be the reason why your workplace affair is revealed. Keeping your affair a secret could be difficult if more people around the workplace know about it. Some coworkers may even be friendly with your spouse, and could spread the news of your activities to them.

You should keep every aspect of your workplace affair a secret. Do not involve any workmates in the affair, unless you completely trust them not to reveal it. Even so, you should avoid giving them any incriminating details that could be used against you

Remaining vigilant about the privacy of your affair will help reduce the risk of getting caught. You should avoid engaging in any romantic or sexual activities within the office premises especially if there are cameras involved. You also need to avoid sending messages or chats through official platforms such as the company e-mail or telephones.

The art of misdirection

Even though you might not think much of them, workplace rumors could contribute to your affair becoming public. If you want to avoid getting caught having an affair with a co-worker, you should be prepared to handle possible rumors of one.

A negative reaction to baseless accusations and rumors could fuel the intent to find out whether any truth exists behind them. If the spotlight is placed on your affair, you should react casually and dismiss this as mere accusations. You may choose to take action against those spreading such rumors, in the guise of saving your reputation within the workplace.

Your co-workers will be less suspicious of an affair if you do not engage aggressively with anyone spreading the rumors. You can develop an appropriate workplace interaction policy with your partner to keep your affair even more secretive.

You can also reduce suspicion levels by appearing to value your current partner. Remember to keep a framed picture or a few personal effects around your workstation to throw off any suspicion of an affair.

Avoid having too many workplace affairs

Habit develops character. If you regularly have affairs within your workplace, you will have a harder time keeping your next one a secret. This is also true for people who are considered flirty and overly sexual with their co-workers.

If you are interested in having a secret office affair, you should try to keep your activities under wraps. You should not make workplace affairs regular occurrences because you will be placed under greater scrutiny, with your colleagues being more likely to find out about any secret activities.

You can reduce this risk by keeping all affairs as private as possible around the workplace. You should also avoid giving out any signs that might lead on your co-workers into finding out about your private undertakings.

Avoid any unusual activities with your partner

Since you work within the same premises, you may be tempted to engage in a sneaky rendezvous during a slow day. You could be tempted to advance your affair on your out-of-town company trip. These activities will be noted as unusual, and could raise suspicion levels on your ongoing affair.

You should not go out of your way to facilitate the affair during company hours. Instead of spending time together at work, you can make time in a private setting afterward to enjoy your secret affair without increasing the risk of getting caught. This applies to company outings as well, particularly those with other co-workers involved.

Cover your tracks

You should be able to account for any company time or resources that are used up during your rendezvous with the co-worker. You need to be accountable for any company dime or time spent on any activities or items when engaging in your affair.

Being unable to explain why two workmates were coincidentally missing at the same time, or why a chunk of the company budget appears to be missing could result in inquiries that might expose your affair.

For best results, you should also cover your tracks at home. You can ask a close co-worker to corroborate any information you provide about company events and trips to help reduce any suspicion over an affair. If your current spouse does not have any reason to suspect an affair, they will be less likely to interact with other co-workers and explore the idea.

Final thought

This guide will help you keep your workplace affair a secret. You will reduce the risk of exposure, which could attract severe consequences for yourself, your partner and your families.  By following this guide, you could have an exciting and completely secret affair with your co-worker.

Remember to look over any conversations, receipts and other potentially incriminating details that may result in the exposure of your affair. You should also look to get ahead of any office rumors that may raise suspicion over an existing affair between your coworker and yourself.