How to Have Multiple Affairs at Once

I must begin by stating that most extramarital affairs begin not only for sexual reasons but also for emotional reasons. If your spouse is having a relationship outside the marriage, you need to ask yourself if you have been meeting their sexual and emotional needs.

Before you decide whether or not to cheat on your partner, here are steps that can you can take to keep them in the dark and to throw them off the trail just in case they get suspicious on your movements. Note that cheating is not for everyone, some are very good at it while some cannot overcome the guilt of being caught.

So, how can someone cheat with multiple partners without getting caught?

Have no photo and message evidence

The most important thing to do when cheating is to erase all photo and message evidence that might link you to your cheating habits. After a night out with your mistress, delete all the flirting messages and photos. If you must take a photo, hide your face.

These are the times when social media has taken over. You don’t want to be a viral internet story the next day. Photos can be shared in an instant. If you must take a photo, hide your face. Delete the unnecessary message for it only takes one snoop by your spouse to uncover your filthy messages.

Change your mistress name on your phone

This trick can be efficient in such a way that when he/she calls and your spouse sees a different name not related to their sex, he/she wouldn’t bother picking it up. Find a good name, maybe a variation of your friends. Make them believe that this person should text regularly.

If a female, find a male name. This way, she won’t bother suspecting about an extramarital affair going on behind her back.

Go incognito

Most browsers come with an incognito option on the menu. This allows it to keep your activities private and secure. When you flirt with other women and men on social media, you have complete discretion that nobody will ever find out.

You can also clear your browsing history of the sites related to your extramarital affair. Don’t delete everything, this would look suspicious as nobody keeps the entire history clean. Just wipe out incriminating evidence and leave the rest.

Secure your cell phone

You need to be creative. Make your partner believe why you had to secure your phone. Give them a story on how someone accessed your partner’s intimate photos thus the need to secure the phone. If he or she doesn’t know the code, then you are in the clear.

If your partner was accustomed to knowing the code, it would be highly suspicious to suddenly secure your phone without informing them. In this case, it is advisable to limit using your phone for suspicious activities.

Laugh at their suspicions instead of getting mad

Don’t get mad whenever you are accused of cheating. Anger quickly transitions into an argument. Avoid lasting memories of this conversation. Keep the argument from getting heated at this point.

Simply act bewildered as though it never happened. Act surprised to make them question the source of their information. This will get you in the clear in this situation. At this point, if your partner gets suspicious, it’s time to put your affair on hold for some time.

Never use your debit card on suspicious purchases

If your partner finds out that you made large withdrawals or even paid for an expensive dinner at a high- end hotel, this will attract suspicion. Questionable charges like hotel rooms, lunches and dinner should not appear in your financial statements.

The best thing to do is to use cash. Cash will be untraceable in this case because there will be no paper trails to show your involvement. Try to be as discreet as possible when using your debit card when conducting suspicious activities.

Minimize the use of your phone

If your partner sees an increased number in your calls and messages, he or she might get suspicious as to who is calling. Keep your phone calls brief and discreet and text only when necessary. Conduct most of your suspicious activities offline.

Alternatively, you can purchase two phones, use one for communicating with your mistress to avoid getting caught. Have an excuse just in case your partner gets you having two phones in your possession without their knowledge. This way it is easier to clean up your tracks.

 The fewer people that know, the better

Keep your incriminating story to yourself, if not, a small group of friends should be privy to such information. Never brag about your dalliances to anyone, you just never know who the spy is. The smaller the group who know about your escapades the lesser the secret will be out in the public.

Don’t be in an extramarital relationship with someone who wants more than being a side chick. There is a greater possibility of her informing your spouse when things go south in your relationship. It makes life a little bit easier when you are not lying to two separate parties.

Pre-plan an excuse just in case

Even good cheaters get caught and you are no exception. Always have a plan B tucked in your pocket just in case things don’t go as planned. Never get caught pants down or mouth open without an excuse in defense. Decide on the simplest explanation possible before and stick to it.

Make it closer to the real story as possible so that it doesn’t appear vague. Act normal and do not arouse any suspicions that can legitimize what she witnessed earlier. Be an actor in your own movie. Folks, cheating is all about wits.

If you get caught

Just in case your wits run out of luck and you are caught red-handed, the rule is never to admit.  It’s not worth hurting everyone involved. Don’t spill the beans by admitting liability.