How to Hide Your Dating Profiles from Your Spouse

The last thing you want as a man is to be caught red-handed in a clandestine mission with a hook-up. Whether in an undisclosed location or online, it will be foolhardy not to cover your tracks.

Given the digital age, dating has moved online. You don’t have to worry if you aren’t getting laid within your neighborhood. A simple log in into a dating site could just find you the side chick you have been looking for.

While finding that dating partner on a social site is a relief to you, not keeping your affair private from the prying eyes of your spouse could land you into deep trouble. Avoid such unwanted situations by following this invaluable advice.

1. Change the location of your residential town/city

To avoid getting caught easily, you are better of listing yourself as residing in a different location that is at a considerable distance from your real location. It’s never a good idea to use the same location as your workplace. It could easily spell doom for you given its close proximity to your home.

2. You don’t have to be damn right true about your personal details

If your spouse starts getting suspicious of your activities, any of your personal details could easily betray you. Your age, height, complexion and your tastes or preference could easily resurface in an online search landing you in deep waters. It’s no big deal changing some of these details to make yourself anonymous to your spouse.

3. Use a photo that is less likely to reveal your identity to your spouse

While you can’t avoid using your photo on a dating site for the sake of the person you are looking for, you also have to play safe against those who know you well. You could choose to camouflage your photo with a wig or use an old photo of yours. In this way, your spouse may have a difficult time recognizing to you.

4. Change your identity

Normally, what always identifies people online is their name or username. Many online daters make the mistake of using their original names on dating sites. Changing your name on dating sites could save you a great deal of trouble. Not even the closest of friends to your spouse will be able to identify you.

5. Be cautious of the people you converse with

Ever got busted? It’s embarrassing, to say the least. Just before sending that flirtatious text, you ought to be careful of the person going to read your message next. Scrutinize their profiles well enough to know who they are. Get down to knowing their locations, leisure activities and places of work.

6. Have a unique email address for your dating profile

It’s not uncommon for spouses to check on their significant others text messages or email conversations. This is especially true when your spouse has reason to suspect you could be cheating on him or her. To make sure you are never found out, use a different email address that is meant for your dating site conversations.

7. Make use of dating sites that allow you go incognito

While dating sites are good for meetups, not everyone wants to appear publicly to everybody on the site. This could turn out disastrous especially to married persons if you were to bump into each other. Dating sites such as allow its users to go into private mode. This makes your profile visible to only those you will allow to view it.

8. Avoid linking your online dating profile to your social media accounts

If you are a fictitious character on a dating site, linking to your social media accounts would be tantamount to shooting yourself on the foot. While the motive behind this move is to connect to more people, having your real names on your social media accounts could expose you to your spouse.

9. Post pictures on Instagram at your own peril

Of course, posting pictures on Instagram is a good way of showing your potential catch who you really are. This means connecting your Instagram account to your dating account. However, this is another bait you want to avoid if you are to save yourself from your spouse’s drama.

10. Hit at a potential partner that is away from your locality

If dating online, it’s naturally expected that the relationship will transition from a simple text chat, a video call and finally a coffee chat. You don’t want to date with an online partner who is your neighbor next door or hails from the same town as you. This has the potential of exposing you to your spouse who could possibly know about some people around town.

11. Watch the gadget you use to access your dating site

Whether it is your classy Smartphone or personal computer, you have to be smart about covering your tracks from your spouse. Normally, your phone or computer browser has the ability to keep a history of your browsing activities. If you visited a dating site, stay safe by deleting your browsing history.

Bottom line

With all these being said, there are many online dating sites and profiles you may want to try out. Each of these sites has their own set of rules about privacy. To understand them better, get down to knowing about what of each of these dating services provide you in terms of privacy.

Some of the dating sites and apps you want to look into include Okcupid, Tinder, Bumble and

If on a dating site, it beats logic to want to be private when your real aim is to get dating appointments. On the contrary, you want to think twice about going public if you are married. More than often, your spouse could be wary about your online activities.

This could prompt them to want to snoop for shreds of evidence which could get you nailed. As a married man or woman, it would be dumb not take caution about your privacy on an online dating site. With the above tips, you don’t have to worry about your spouse catching you with your pants down. By all means, they will reduce your chances of getting caught.