How to Keep an Affair Exciting

A relationship can be less interesting if one of the partners doesn’t put enough affection and time into it. This leaves the other partner feeling unimportant, impersonal and disconnected. On the other hand, it can be less interesting if it becomes more of a routine. It lacks newness and spontaneity.

If a relationship stops growing, feelings of romance and excitement get decreased over time. So if a relationship is not maintained at an interesting level, one of the partners might get to a point where he or she is unwilling to continue the relationship.

Make your partner feel engaged both emotionally and physically so that they don’t feel the urge to find comfort elsewhere. Below are tips on how to successfully romance your partner and ignite the spark in your lives so that the relationship remains interesting to both of you.

1. Break the routine

Come on, take your partner out to a new restaurant or surprise her with a dinner night at a designated place. You could also go for paint class or something of that kind. Whether you should go for skydiving or plan a vacation, the list of what you can do together is endless. Anything that breaks you out of your routine is tolerated here.

A new challenge can help you build trust in one another. Trust is the foundation from which strong and lasting relationships are built. A shift in thinking and actions is important to foster the good vibes that brought you together in the first place.

Being intimate on a weekly basis by planning date nights is very important as a way of reconnecting in your emotional and sexual levels. Be fully present at these night outs by maintaining focus, emotions and attention.

When you are together, assume nothing else exists. This might not make sense but let me explain. By ignoring the rest of the world, you can forget about the guilt. You don’t have time to think about your other half. Be happy together.

2. Show interest

Men, be interested in your partner and seek to know what makes her happy? Develop new inquiries in your relationship. Get to know her. This will make her feel important and cared for. Uplift her self-esteem and she will never disappoint you.

Ask her how her day was. Be genuinely interested in her responses and engage her. Little actions can go a long way into making her feel appreciated. For instance, you could volunteer to cook dinner and serve. This helps to break the norms in marriage. Go overboard and make it more interesting day by day

3. Make it a secret

With respect to an affair, it should be a secret. The general rule is that; you can’t expect to have an affair then tell your other half about it. Be a brilliant actor and fool everybody that nothing is going on between you two.

Discover a secret location to meet with your lover without anyone noticing the two of you. Have peace of mind as you engage and bond. I know keeping a secret can be a difficult task altogether. Just survive by your wits.

4. Take some time off

Perhaps the reason why your relationship is not interesting is that you’re spending too much time together. The heart grows fonder when you are apart for some time. Learn to break the monotony in a relationship.

When you meet after some time off, things will work out as if the relationship is just starting. Partners will develop cravings for each other and this is very healthy for a relationship to be exciting.  Relationships are all about excitement, romance and affection.

5. Surprise her

Take some time and remember dates that are important in your affair. Things like her birthday or your anniversary together count a lot. Let her know that you are thinking about them every second. This will speak volumes about your dedication to the love you share.

Buy her flowers and jewelry. Even a bar of chocolate is enough to fan the flames of excitement. Surprise her during the day by texting or buying her flowers and other stuff. These are great ways to keep your affair interesting and also make the two of you engaged in the relationship.

6. Vary your sex routine

If all you have been doing is going to her place to have sex, change things this time around. Let her come to your place. Perhaps this is why your sex routine became monotonous. Try using different positions or do it at different places. More importantly, do it at different times.

Take your time while having sex. If your time is limited, you can opt for a quickie. Don’t let your partner question your sex life. The lack of a physical relationship can make your partner question your relationship entirely. This is not a good thing as it may lead your spouse into discovering your affair.

Connect intimately with your partner as a way of releasing tension, overcome arguments and utilizing the post-sex hormones that entice closeness. Consider having discussions of the positions best for her so that you can better satisfy each other.

7. Wear something new

Spice up things by wearing some sexy clothes for your man. By surprising him this way, you will feel sexier and more confident in yourself. Moves like these will help heat things up in your affair. Make him crave for you at first glance.

Dressing up and looking good goes both ways. The man can sport a new cologne or a new shirt that shows off his physique. This will drive his wife wild. A fresh shave can ignite a woman’s passion. It doesn’t hurt to spice things up in your relationship by employing these tactics.

8. Try new conversations

You quickly fall into a rhythm after sometime let’s say years. You end up doing the same thing over different days. This routine makes you stuck in a rut and makes it tough to get excited about anything. This extends to your conversations. Talk about exciting upcoming weekend getaways.

Share the funny parts of your day as opposed to the complaints. Keep everyday conversations an exciting affair to your partner. Doing something new also extends to your conversations. Don’t repeat the same conversations over and over again.