How to Keep Your Affair a Secret

Having an existing relationship should not deter you from enjoying a good time with people you actually enjoy spending time with. However, in a lot of instances, people ruin this good time by allowing both worlds to overlap. Having an affair and keeping it a secret can increase your overall happiness and satisfaction.

If you want to sustain your affair, you have to keep it a secret. You should take some time to make sure that only you and your secret lover have any information about your shared time. These are a few ways to help keep your affair a secret.

Using encryption technology for your phone

Your phone is your closest companion. It holds all the details of your affair, whether you know it or not. Your partner can find out about your affair from your messages, gallery, calendar, notes, search history and one of many other potentially exposing ways.

You could overcome this problem by getting a secret phone specifically for the affair, which you may need to keep off your home premises. However, having such incriminating evidence of an affair could prove to be trouble even if the phone is not stored at home. Your photos could pop up in shared cloud storage and ruin your hard work!

If you really want to keep your affair a secret, you may consider using encryption applications to help you remove any likelihood of suspicion. These apps are available for free on android, java and apple devices. They can be used to securely store messages, contacts, images, calendar schedules and any other bits of evidence that could give your affair away, all while being hidden themselves.

Do not take calls at home

If your partner has spent some time with you, they are in a better position to know when you are lying. If you take your calls at home or within their presence, they may observe the tone of the conversation and other factors which could raise suspicion of an affair. Once they suspect it, they will be more likely to look into your phone and schedule, as well as investigate through people around you.

If you want to keep your affair a secret, you should avoid any suspicious activities, including lying about phone conversations. You may get in touch with your new partner and develop a schedule for safe calls, which will reduce the likelihood of being found out. You can also create a safe word to let them know when it is not a great time to talk.

Double check your car

Most people will spend some time driving to and from their mutual rendezvous. Having a car makes it easier to travel, as well as offers a convenient place to spend time with your new partner. If you are not careful, you could give yourself away easily.

If you spend any time with your new partner in your car, you should make a thorough check before heading out. This will help you find any items that may have fallen off accidentally, as well as find and get rid of any unusual items that would be difficult to explain. You will not have to find an excuse for why you had two cups of coffee under your seat if you double check the whole vehicle.

Keep it hush hush

The theory of six degrees of separation, which suggests that every person in the world is connected by about six relationships has some truth to it. A large number of people having affairs have been ousted by their friends’ friends even when they have done well to keep their affair from their partners. Keeping news of your endeavors from everyone around you will help reduce any risk of getting caught.

If you want to successfully keep your affair a secret, you should try as much as possible to keep all information outlets closed. You may be tempted to tell your closest friends, but this information could very well find itself to a mutual friend who is on better terms with your partner than yourself.

Don’t act differently towards your partner

Changes to your behavior will attract your partner’s interest and raise concerns over an affair. These changes can be physical, such as a reduced or increased level of affection towards them, or non-physical such as increased tendency to shut yourself off from them. If they have spent enough time with you, your partner could pick up on these behavioral changes and look into your activities.

If you want to keep your affair a total secret, you should not do anything that will raise suspicion levels. This means that you should act how you normally do around your partner, including spending time at home. If your partner is under the belief that everything is running normally, they will be less likely to look into other aspects of your life and will not discover your secret affair.

Always have a cover story

If you are having an affair, you will spend more time going out of your home. The increased activity could contribute to heightened suspicion about infidelity. It is advisable that you always have a secure cover story to avoid creating suspicion over your activities.

For most people, creating a good cover story can be difficult. If you are careless, you could easily get caught in your lie and have your affair exposed. You should look to create a foolproof cover story that provides as many details as possible, and which can be corroborated by at least one other trustworthy person.

This may mean involving a close friend in the affair to keep your partner’s trail thrown off. You may consider using a small, believable and heavily detailed weekend out with your friends to cover up your affair, provided that one of your friends will throw in additional input to support your story. For best results, you should make sure to inform your friend exactly what they’ll need to say in order for your story to check out.

Final thought

Your partner or spouse does not need to be the wiser on any secret affair you may have. You can keep them from finding out by thoroughly covering your tracks, which will only require a few minutes of preparation. With these tips, you should be able to keep your secret affair a complete secret.