Is Having an Affair at a Bachelor Party Cheating?

To many men, a bachelor party represents an end to singlehood. It is hosted a few days to the wedding day and is marked with debauchery through excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking weed, or strippers. To keep the party going there moments the groom will be tasked with caressing strippers.

Things do get crazy – as evidenced by most bachelor parties and the groom may find himself sleeping with multiple strippers. The question most guys ask, “Is it okay for to have an affair during the bachelor night?”

If you are in a serious relationship there some bachelor parties that can make even the players cringe. Before things get out of your control, there are things that you need to consider before having an affair during a bachelor party. Having one is purely the decision of the man.

What happens if you are caught?

You need to ask yourself how committed you are to the relationship. Will your life come to a standstill if you get caught or do you have a forgiving partner who will take you in after the affair? There are women who will not give you a second chance should they find out about the affair.

The rest of the guys – especially the single ones – are very much okay with having some fun with the strippers. They may actually encourage everyone to join in the orgy. The married guy is caught in a situation where he wants to have some fun for the last time while remain committed to his girl.

It is estimated that approximately one in every groom cheats during bachelor parties. However, most men will not admit during a survey for fear of being found out. For the best men, it is estimated that over 90 percent will have sex during a wild bachelor party with strippers.

It’s a one-night stand

Some of the guys do not consider it an affair when they sleep around during a bachelor party. Since they do not have any emotional attachment to the stripper, the affair ends that night. The affair is purely physical, and the stripper has been paid for it.

Strippers often come to a bachelor party with the intention of offering entertainment – sex is a part of it. They do not mind do some crazy things since they have their payment in the bag. It is up to the married guy to decide whether he can leave with the guilt that comes with having a one night stand.

Some guys will rationalize that what happens in the bachelor party stays there. As long as the boys do not spill the beans, there is no evidence of what happened, and it can easily be forgotten.

Contacting an STD

One thing that characterizes bachelor parties is the amount of alcohol consumed. This has the potential to hinder judgment. When a guy has an affair when high there is a high probability that they will engage in unprotected sex.

The guy may contact an STD, and this may have ramifications on the relationship. If you are going to go on with it at least use protection.

Is the sex worth it?

This is the question every guy will need to answer before they get busy with a stripper. Since the guy is getting married the question is, “are you sacrificing a long-term fulfilling relationship for a casual sexual fling. “ The strippers will be gone in the morning leaving one with a soaring headache and a broken relationship.

Most of the men will lie about cheating during the bachelor party in the duration of the marriage.

What is acceptable during a bachelor party?

Debauchery often dominates bachelor parties. There are drugs and alcohol on the table, orgies, someone getting a blow job by the corner and the occasional lap dances by the stripper.

Fun is relative to different people. For some people, they would not consider it as cheating if they have a blowjob or lap dance but do not engage in sex; while some men may find it totally inappropriate to touch a stripper during the party.

Some women are very clear on what is acceptable during these parties. Having casual sex is a complete no while a lap dance might be permitted. What is acceptable will depend on what the man allows during the party.

To keep your sanctity during the bachelor party, go slow on the alcohol and drugs. When you are in control of your emotions, you can maturely decide what to accept and reject.

It is also admissible that if you are going to have an affair while still retain your relationship, you should take care not to leave any evidence around. This includes photos during the party, used condoms or giving your number to strippers.

Final thoughts

The decision to go ahead with an affair during a bachelor party is all about the man. There questions that the guy needs to ask before going ahead with the affair like how committed he is to the relationship or whether they are willing to lose their future spouse if she finds out about the affair.

If the affair is a one night stand with no emotional attachment, you can decide to break it off in the morning and forget about it. That is if your spouse does not end up knowing about it. What happens after that will largely depend on the strength of your relationship.

Some women would not tolerate a man who has an affair during a bachelor party and would break up as soon as they know about it. What is permissible during the party will depend on the personality of the man. There some who will have no qualms with a strip show or a lap dance as long as they do not have sex.

Bachelor parties are tempting places to engage in some illicit sex. The temptations are real since almost everyone at the party is involved is some debauchery. If you do not have the strength to control your sexual urges, then it would be prudent to keep away from the bachelor party.