Married But Looking: How to Date When You’re Married

Are you looking for fun and passion outside your marriage? You have landed at the right place. Explore ways how you can keep your marriage safe and still have what you desire.

Are you missing something in your otherwise perfect married life?

Want to keep yourself and marriage safe while on your quest? We are here to help you out. In today’s world powered by the internet and driven by social media, swiping romance is getting more popular. Moreover, who has the guts to scour for prospective dates at your workplace, gyms or parks.

The whole thing sounds weird and crazy though we cannot rule out the possibilities of it happening.

Married people mostly take benefit of online dating websites to pursue their passion and desires outside marriage and still keep it a secret. I am sure you are not surprised to know that there are a host of online dating websites that have only married people are its members.

Married people look out for romance outside their marriage, not because they do not love or respect their partners but mostly because their marriage would have lost the luster over the years. So never feel guilty while you are on a search for what you desire from a relationship.

Are there any rules for dating while married?

There are rules if you are using online platforms to find love outside marriage.

Decide what you want

Are you the flirt who enjoys flirty conversations with prospective dates?

Or only looking for something more than just companionship?

Are you the loner looking for physical intimacy?

You will need first to decide what you are expecting while you are looking for a relationship outside marriage. Put forth your requirements when you set up your profile on the online dating websites for married people. This way, you are sure to get what you want within the time you desire.

Take it slow

Be it for companionship or to meet your physical needs, take it forward slowly.

It doesn’t mean you have to be waiting for the other person to take the lead.

Online dating sites for married people state that men often want companionship more than sex. They want to be involved in a relationship where they can be seen or heard as they wish. There is a good majority who date only to satisfy their physical urge.

Either way, the rule is to get there gradually, so either of them does not feel the whole thing is enforced upon them. Start your conversations with basic texting, and based on the response, you can pursue it further.

Be honest and transparent

When you are dating outside marriage, remember that you are most likely to meet partners with similar relationship status. It is best to declare your relationship status, so the other person is also informed that he/she is dating a committed person.

Also, try not to discuss the reason why you are looking for companionship outside your marriage. You should keep these details to yourself as you are anyways, not looking for a long-term relationship.

On most online dating websites, you will find members who are not interested in revealing why they are looking for a partner outside marriage; they will also not be very interested in knowing your past or current life.

They meet you, have fun and sometimes look for a long-term relationship but not commitment.

It is not always about sex when it comes to dating married people

Many of you approaching the online dating websites for married might mistake it as a solution to an intimacy devoid marriage.

The truth is that you will find many men and women who are purely looking for companionship than just getting physical—married women craving that attention, compliments also use married.

Still, dating websites to add more meaning to their life.

Set your preference right to find the right partner

Online dating website for married folks is a place where you will find a mix of different people like a man seeking woman, women seeking man, men seeking to date younger women, Lesbian, Gay and bi-sexual as well.

You will need to set your preferences like interests, suitable locations, what turns you on, etc. before you start looking for suitable matches. This will help you find the right partner without having to spend too much time browsing through all the recommendations.

Hook up with the most compatible partner without any hassles.

Avoid disclosing any details about your spouse

If you are married and dating, you do not want your spouse to know about this. It is in your best interest to keep all the details of your married life away from your date.

Besides, it might make you and the other person guilty if you get into details of your spouse and married life, so it is best to avoid discussions of this sort, as you and your date are out to break the monotony.

Keep your profile pictures and personal details confidential until you have decided to meet the person you are dating

Most online dating websites offer a good level of security features; however, it is also your responsibility to handle your data with care. Share your pictures only if needed.

The websites offer the security feature of blurring your face on the pictures until you are ready to disclose your identity to your prospective date. Make use of this feature and do not readily exchange numbers or any other personal details to avoid any unpleasant experience.

Remember to complement each other

Once you have got a chance to meet your partner, make sure you get into meaningful and engaging conversations. You can also get a bit flirty here.

Women, in particular, will love compliments on their looks, so give them plenty of this. You will be able to make the most of the relationship, both emotionally and otherwise.

Keep it simple to avoid getting too attached

Avoid actions or gestures that will build this temporary affair into a long-term relationship. You will have to avoid showing or acting like you are an average real-life couple, especially if you want to keep your marriage going.

Remember that the person you are dating also has a family and commitments. Developing a relationship where both get attached can have devastating effects on all walks of your life, including your professional life.

Respect the privacy of the other partner

We already discussed that it is better not to bring up the issues in your personal life while you are dating another person. Similarly, you should also avoid getting too candid about your prospective dates’ own life.

Avoid questions like what brought you here? What went wrong with your married life? Are you not satisfied with your spouse, and so on?

Instead, you can ask some cheesy questions like why turns him/her on? What the date found attractive about you and so on.

Keep your boundaries clearly defined

This is especially important as you will find a lot of members who tend to get very abusive of you were not able to give them what they wanted from this relationship, so please be very vocal of what you are looking for and also ask your partner his expectations.

You can avoid a lot of unpleasant experiences this way.

Keep your meetings away from home or office limits

Do not entertain casual exchanges such as “I will meet you at your workplace,” or invite the partner to your home.

It is always better to meet at outside locations like hotels, pubs, or resorts where both of you can talk without the fear of being noticed.

Besides, you would not want to ruin your reputation at home or in the workplace.

You will also not like the idea of being caught red-handed while at home in front of your family.

Practice precaution with your partner

Discuss these safety measures each one should be taking before getting physical. Be sure you respect the other person and do not indulge in anything that will breach the safety precaution agreement between both of you.

We have given you the leads on how to take your extramarital relationship forward after hearing from people who have tried online dating apps for married folks. Should you be interested in pursuing people outside the virtual world, you will have to put in a lot of effort and time to find one.

Remember that dating in the non-virtual world is not all that anonymous. Why look any further when you have all that you want on one platform without any risk of anybody getting to know of your dating activities? This is an easier way to increase your prospects of meeting up with the person you dreamed of.

Get set and create your profile on any of the dating websites for married folks and get closer to the idea of materializing your fantasies. We wish you luck in finding the right match.