15 Signs of a Sneaky Wife: Is Your Wife Cheating?

Hubbys, are you suspicious of your wife? Do you think she might be sneaking around behind your back?

You’re not alone. And thanks to my ultra-accurate signs, you’re no longer in the dark.

I’m going to help you discover whether your wife is really cheating on you. Ready?

1. She Says The Wrong Name in Bed

Fellas, you need to forgive the occasional Freudian slip. It happens to the best of us.

But, if your wife keeps calling you “Frank” when your name is “Ben”, she’s either got a sidepiece or she’s wishing she did.

2. She Tells You Not To Do The Laundry

You won’t find a non-shady woman who tells you not to do the laundry. If your wife does, she’s got an ulterior motive pal.

You know how eyes are windows to the soul? Well, laundry baskets are windows into the affair.

There could be fugitive receipts from romantic meals that you weren’t present for or cologne smells that definitely aren’t yours.

3. She’s Often Late Home From Work

Has your wife started telling you that she has been asked to stay a few extra hours in the office? Or is she just late home with no real explanation more often than not?

Bro, this is not a good sign. It’s a common thing for wives to use this as a cover-up for their sordid affairs.

4. She Has Changed All Her Passwords

You guys have likely shared passwords for personal accounts and devices. That’s the key to a happy marriage right?

Well, if she has suddenly changed them all and come up with a sad hacking-related excuse, she’s hiding something.

Although, maybe she’s doing it for your benefit. Do you really wanna see those sexts from the stud who works in the office cubicle next to her?

In all seriousness though (sorry for the very on-the-nose joke), you need to confront her about this.

5. She’s Exercising Like Hardcore

Unless she’s on some New Year’s health kick or she’s finally sticking to a routine that’ll help her lose some fluff, she’s probably got a side dude.

To tell you the truth, if you haven’t heard about this intense workout schedule before she jumped headfirst into it, she’s trying to impress someone.

And that someone isn’t you.

6. She’s Buying You Expensive Stuff Out of The Blue

Okay, sure, it’s nice to get those “just because” gifts from wifey.

But if you’re getting Tommy Hilfiger watches left, right and center, or she’s inviting you out to your favorite concerts on the weekend, something’s up.

She’s trying to calm her conscience by rubbing you up the right way. Clever.

7. She Constantly Talks About Cheating

She probably won’t come out and say that she’s cheating, but what she does say could give you a good indication that somethings going on.

Maybe she says things like, “what do you think about open relationships?” and discuss other people cheating on their husbands.

This can be a sign that she’s got her eyes on a different man-shaped prize.

8. She’s Always Angry at You

Arguments are bound to happen but if she’s finding every tiny thing you do unacceptable, she’s taking her guilty conscience out on you.

It won’t make any sense right now, and you’ll be made out to be the crazy one but trust me, she’s the one doing the dirty.

9. She’s Not Telling You Stuff

You and your wife used to be best friends I bet. In your vows, you probably said as much. But now she isn’t talking to you like she used to. That’s because she’s talking to someone else.

10. She Doesn’t Care What You Do Anymore

In fact, she might even encourage you to hang out with your mates far more than usual.

Gone are the days when you’d spend time together. Instead, it’s her pushing you out the door so she can fool around with her new boy toy.

She won’t want to hear about all the fun you’ve been having with the lads or what happened at the latest football game you went to.

Everything she used to care about, she won’t. You can’t really miss this sign but don’t let yourself ignore it either!

11. She’s No Longer Saving For Big “Us” Things

Whether you guys have been saving for a house, a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, a big extension, or your favorite car, if she has stopped contributing, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Most wives want to give their husband and their children the best, comfiest nest. So, it should ring loud alarm bells if this isn’t happening anymore.

Why? Because she’s planning all this with her new side guy.

12. She Accuses You of Cheating

Ah yep, the classic displacement.

She might not want to do this, but she’ll more than likely do it anyway. She’s having a hard time dealing with the fact that she’s the one screwing up.

It’s only natural then that she would try to shift the blame, right?

This is her guilty conscience talking again. What would we do without psychology majors, hey?

13. She’s Picking More Fights

Again, she’s trying to rationalize what she’s doing my friend. Likely, you aren’t doing anything wrong but boy will she find something!

Essentially, she is trying to cover up all her wrongdoings by making you feel like you’re doing everything wrong.

14. She Goes Out Alone More Often

Do you guys normally do the weekly shop together? Is she now insisting that she goes alone? Does this statement come before excuses as to what else she needs to do?

Of course it does!

She’s playing you and possibly playing with someone else.

15. She’s Treating You Like a Friend, Not a Lover

She’s not going to act like you guys are teenagers experiencing their first love for the rest of your life.

But, if your interactions are less love and more friends, this could be cause for concern.

If all of these signs apply to your Mrs, it’s time for a not-so-pretty convo, don’t you think?