10 Most Common Reasons Why Men Cheat

Relationships are the most difficult to make work. Two different people from two different family origins are expected to live together harmoniously. This can prove to be hard for couples. Problems regarding cheating can arise from the relationship itself or from the individuals themselves.

In order to understand better why men cheat in the first place, let’s find out the root cause of the issue. There are a few potential causes of cheating in a relationship.

1. Loss of attraction

For relationships to work, partners need to be attracted to each other. Any loss of attraction might be damaging to the relationship. A good example is weight gain. Most wives gain weight after childbirth. For most men, this is a physiological change they least anticipated when courting their wives.

The man quickly loses interest in his wife. This encourages him to look for love elsewhere. Relationships collapse in this manner. Most men are interested in what they see. The wife must look good in order to keep a man.

2. When he feels he is missing out

After years of doing the same thing over and over, the man might have an idea to explore new things outside the relationship. Curiosity might drive men to seek adventures outside the marriage. This is common in relationships where the partners abstained from sex until they got married.

Probably, the man had never thought of cheating until an opportunity presented itself. Without thinking what the apparent infidelity could do to his relationship, he went for it. Curiosity might drive someone out to seek new people and new adventures.

3. Unrealistic expectations

The man might feel that his wife is expected to fulfill his desires 24/7. This is in total disregard of how she feels at that particular moment. She might be tired after work or from her daily chores in the house. The man needs to understand that she has feelings of her own that don’t always involve him.

This is where I find men to be inconsiderate, you need to access the situation before making your conjugal demands. You need to understand that your wives are juggling multiple chores in addition to the relationship.

When the man’s demands are not met, he feels like he is entitled to seek intimate fulfilment outside the marriage.

4. He wants a way to get out

The man might be seeking ways to end the current relationship. He might employ external sexual encounters to deliver a message to his partner without having to be direct about it. This tactic can be employed when the man is seeking revenge on his partner.

When relationships get boring and no one seems to be putting any effort to make things right the man might start seeing someone else. This seems an easier alternative than just talking things out. The man might decide to act shitty until her woman leaves. The man feels that one wrong can make it right.

5. Long distance

Long distance relationships can be very tricky particularly those with their own share of lingering problems. When the distance becomes too much, the man can succumb to his own urges. The man might decide to go out with some friends and when an opportunity presents itself, it becomes very hard to turn it down.

This type of relationships needs to be built on trust for them to work. The man can get creative due to loneliness and decide to seek comfort elsewhere. Before the partners salvage their relationship it might be too late.

6. “I was drunk “excuse

This is the oldest trick in the book with regards to cheating partners. When caught pants down, the man becomes defensive. He would allege that he was drunk and tricked into cheating. Maybe he was not fully aware of his actions, due to impaired judgement from substance abuse.

The excuse might seem to work but the resulting guilt of your actions will never go away. There could be some underlying issues for this to happen. Maybe the guy is using alcohol abuse to escape an uncomfortable relationship or to self soothe and dissociate himself from underlying psychological conditions.

7. He was not meant to be monogamous

Maybe the man was brought up in a polygamous family setup and he held on to that belief. That man will never feel satisfied in a monogamous relationship. He might use this excuse to continue with his infidelity. Some men do this while purporting to be in an open relationship.

Open relationships are built on trust and honesty. Though this reason cannot justify your actions, your relationship will not be regarded as an open relationship. Infidelity defies trust and honesty in an open relationship. A cheating man views monogamy as something to be worked around rather than be embraced.

8. Difficult to stay faithful

Some may allege that cheating is part of who they are. These men love playing with fire because the danger adds to the excitement. Simply put, they like the thrill of it. They cheat because they can. These kinds of people get high from the forbidden nature of cheating.

He won’t understand that his vow of fidelity is a sacrifice he made to and for his relationship. The man ends up becoming a serial cheater. He feels like he needs vindication to know what he wants. For these cheaters, if it feels wrong, it feels good.

9. He is insecure

The man might start feeling old and worry that adventure is behind them at that point in time. He feels entitled to a young woman who will make him feel young again like he is on his prime. Simply put, he is trying to boost his self-esteem.

Deep down, he might be feeling too old, too poor and too thin. He resorts to using flirtation and extramarital sex as a way of reassuring himself that he is still desirable, worthwhile and good enough to invest in a new relationship.

10. He is immature

These men can’t even solve the simplest of problems in their relationships. They resort to blatant cheating without care. These are men who say they got married too soon and appear to be going through second adolescence.

They think that as long as their significant other doesn’t find out, they are not hurting anyone. This causes a breakdown in communication and soon their relationships succumb to his immaturity.