6 Reasons Why Women Cheat

If you have caught your girlfriend, fiancée or wife cheating, you are probably wondering, “how could she do this to me when I have given her my all.” Women can cheat like men; it’s just the reasons differ.

According to research 10 to 20 percent of married couples cheat on their spouses. It is hard to find conclusive evidence on this as the topic is emotive and secretive and very few couples would come out in the open and admit having an affair.

The myth has been that a man will always find a reason to cheat. But, things are different for women. In this article, we are going to show you some key reasons why women cheat and how you can identify the warning signs before things go south.

Some of the reasons might shock you, so read on.

1. She wants to be a naughty girl

Have you ever noticed this attractive girl getting busy in the sheets with this tattooed thug that you would never have imagined she would ever date. Her ovaries could be responsible for this seemingly irrational decision.

When women are ovulating, they tend to lean toward men who wear their masculinity. What do I mean? Men who have a deep voice, have a muscular structure and are dominant in nature. This is a survival instinct that is ingrained in most women, and she could be communicating that she wants to carry the guy’s genes.

According to a study by UCLA ovulating women are twice likely to cheat than other women. During ovulation, women may cheat if they find their partner less attractive. The said women often spend time fantasizing about other men if they have a less desirable mate. However, if their sexual partners are attractive, they are less likely to cheat.

Most of the bad boys often tend to be irresponsible; if you want her to take a different course appeal to her brain by showing her how reliable, dependable and caregiver you are.

2. Her current partner doesn’t satisfy her

You are probably are thinking it is only men who are into sex. Women also find sexual pleasure from their partners, and if they are not having their desires met, they will seek it outside the relationship.

Work-related issues often affect how frequent couples have sex. There is no standard number of times couples should have sex per week, but both partners should be fulfilled sexually if cheating is to be avoided.

Whenever women are denied sex by their partners, they feel unattractive and unwanted. This contributes to extra-marital affairs. It would be prudent to affirm her self-worth occasionally and make her feel loved.

3. Her partner does not fit her bill of prince charming

Growing up women often have a mental picture of how their ideal partner will look like. You have often heard of the cliché, “am looking for someone who is tall, dark and handsome.” Women will stray from a relationship in search of their prince charming if their current partner falls short of their expectations.

The relationship often starts with a charming guy showing interest in her by sending her flowers, chocolates or taking her out for a cup of latte. You will often see this kind of women lamenting how their husbands do not show them affection.

At some point, the relationship progresses to cheating. The only to prevent this from happening is for her to realize that there is no perfect man and that prince charming is a creation of fictional tales – all men have their flaws.

4. Re-enacting some childhood trauma

While rare there some women who have suffered sexual assault during their childhood. The experience may have occurred when they were very young and could not comprehend what was happening. Since they kept the incidence to themselves some women who have suffered trauma may engage in affairs as a way of mastering their emotions or relieving their past.

For a man, there is little you can do in such a situation but to request your partner to open up about the incidence and probably engage in some PTSD counseling.

5. They feel lonely

Women crave companionship and if they are not getting it at home will seek it from another partner. It could be that their partner works long hours and the woman is a stay at home mum. Since she longs for some form of human connection, she will seek companionship outside the marriage.

Women feel loved when they have intimate time with their partners. Intimacy does not necessarily have to be sexual, but it could be the art of talking and sharing how the day has been. Having some fun time is a precursor for good sex.

Partners can solve this by dedicating special alone times. It could be during weekends when the kids go visit to their grandma or a special time during the weekdays. Find something that works for both of you and stick to the plan no matter the interruptions.

6. They feel unappreciated

The honeymoon phase does not end once you get married but continues through the marriage. When couples are courting, there is often a lot of sharing of gifts and couple time. But, once people start living together some of the nice things that used to define the relationship stops.

For women, it is during this phase that they feel underappreciated and neglected. It is like they have been left with the role of housewife or nanny. Women will often find a partner who makes them feel appreciated during this time.

She will cheat so that she feels her worth being validated. For a guy, this is the time to do those things that made her fall in love with you. Take her out to the movies or enjoy a candlelight dinner by the beach.

Final thoughts

It has always been the norm that it is only men who need sex in a relationship. Women need it too. When a woman feels unappreciated, unloved, lonely, or unsatisfied with her partner’s sexual performance, she will seek an extra-marital affair.