Why Women Date Married Men

Once couples are joined in holy matrimony, it is assumed that they will remain exclusive to other relationships. It is the main reason that they have come together. Past relationships are cut off, and one leaves active dating.

But, this is not what transpires. Women are increasingly seeking married men. Some men can testify to having received more attention when they got married than when they were single.

People have affairs for various reasons. For some women, it could be that they are lonely, feel unappreciated, or are sexually frustrated.

But, what are the reasons that cause women to go after married men even though they are aware that the guy has a wife and family?

Proven record of commitment

Many women can tell you the frustration that comes with waiting for a guy to propose or commit to a relationship. A wedding ring on a guy’s finger is evidence that he has overcome his commitment phobia. He has demonstrated to the world that he can make and keep a promise.

The assumption made by most ladies pursuing married men is that if he committed to his wife, he would commit to you. It also appeals to women that the guy is dependable and reliable; evidenced by his taking care of his wife and kids. This is unlike bachelors who at times live for today and do not have to worry about responsibilities.

You have become confidants

It could be that the woman has been close friends with a married guy. With time they have become confidants, and the man shields her from predatory men during night outs. Since the married male friend looks like he can never hurt her the relationship may proceed from platonic to sexual.

Most women will attest to their married male friends behaving better and treating them like a lady, unlike their unmarried counterparts.

Animals do it too

If you are a big fan of NatGeo, then you may have encountered various female bird species going after male partners who are attached. The phenomenon is called ‘mate-choice copying.’ The reasons for this could be the same as for humans; if the male species can adequately provide and mate with another, they can do the same with any other female species.

Narcissism tendencies/ego

Some women go for married men to show the other party that they more attractive than them. When the married man sleeps with another woman, it could be deciphered to mean that he finds her more appealing than the wife. The woman who steals another’s man has an ego boost.

Women are competitive in nature. A woman will sleep with a married man to boost her self-esteem. The idea that the woman feels superior when she sleeps with another woman’s husband has nothing to do with how attractive the guy is.

The risk that a married man runs should he be caught makes women believe that the man wants her very much.

Lack of commitment on the woman’s part

Some women will engage in an affair with a married man because she knows he won’t invest in it emotionally. They can have sex without it turning into a serious relationship. This is not the case with a single guy; after some time he becomes clingy.

Career women opt for married men because the relationship does not interfere with their lives. They can get into one and get out without any emotional attachments.

Thrilling sex

For some women, they find the sex thrilling. Since there is a lot of tension when one is having an affair, the sex can be incredibly good – the sneaking around is bound to fire up some lust and passion. This is in opposition to a simple date with a single guy.

The sex also tends to be spontaneous and often unprotected. The woman will engage in random one-night stands with the married man at the car, in a motel or at her place. Some women find this naughtiness more fun and alluring.

What do women look out for in Married men?


A man who is committed to providing and taking care of his family is very attractive. This is a result of our primal instinct that men are natural providers. This is especially attractive when you have seen the man in action in his house; if he helps his wife in household duties or takes his kids for games.

However, this may not hold when the man in question knows that a woman has a crush on him. He can decide to be appear caring whenever she is around.


One thing that bachelor single men have in common is that they avoid responsibility. This is not the case with a married man. The fact that he is taking care of a family is evidence that his responsibility. Women like men who can handle their issue like grown-ups and this make them seek out married men.

Women do not find single men who still leave at home with no career goals on sight. Since a married man has a family to feed it is often the case that he will have a stable source of income. Financial stability is a key quality women look out for in men.

It is estimated that over 90 percent of women find married men attractive. Infidelity causes untold damage to marriage – especially where kids are involved, and women have to weigh the risks before jumping in if the man is willing to cheat on his wife his also capable of cheating on you too.

Final thoughts

Women look for partners who are committed, responsible, caring, and financial givers. A married man perfectly fits this bill. He has a proven himself by getting married. The assumption is that he will do the same for any other woman.

It is not humans alone who are into male poaching – animals do it too. Sleeping with a married man can do wonders to a woman’s self-esteem and confidence levels. Since the relationship evolves in discretion, the sex can be thrilling and can keep some women coming back for more.